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Smart Health Care Lenses

We are now developing a lens that enables early diagnosis for
detecting various disease factors using components of patient's tears and managing their health with easy self-diagnosis

The Smart Health Care Lenses are loaded with electrode design, battery, and ASIC(Application Specific Integrated Circuit) based on PBT mold,
We are now studying the mold optimized material for eye pressure sensor that uses the PBT mold base

Photochromic Contact LensesPhotochromic Contact Lenses

Photochromic Contact Lenses

under bright light or direct sunlight, the lens’s color change
for blocks the field of light in a wide wavelength like sunglasses.
in indoor circumstance, the lens becomes transparent in a short time,
let the wearer’s view clear.

Photochromic Contact Lenses are leading
in the healthcare lens market by synthesizing color-changing materials proportional to the amount of light in the lens.
It provides the dispersing the light evenly, therefore securing the light
and eliminating various negative eye health factors.

High Wettability Hydrogel LensHigh Wettability Hydrogel Lens

High Wettability Hydrogel Lens

We are developing a lens that can reduce the contact angle of the lens surface and therefore can reduce protein adsorption by smoothing the surface by coating the lens surface with a coating layer of hydrophilic and wettability materials even if the lens has a low water content ratio.

With the comparison of the coefficient of friction which the surface of the contact lens can feel the discomfort of the eyelid conjunctiva or cornea, the coated lens maintains a constant low coefficient of friction overtime, therefore the lens can provide highly mosity wearing sensations

Bluelight Blocking LensBluelight Blocking Lens

Bluelight Blocking Lens

Short-wavelength blue light (400-450 nm) passes through the lens
with high energy and adversely affects retinal epithelial cells.

We are developing a new functional lens that can help block harmful wavelengths of Blue Light related to Health Care in the contact lens part.

It blocks blue light with blue light that can cause glare, fatigue, and eye disease and also blocks the UV rays harmful to the skin and human body.
The yellow area of the lens also reduces chromatic aberration and glare.

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