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Inteded Use

Daily Soft Contact Lenses are indicated for daily wear to correction of refractive myopia in aphakic andnot aphakic persons with non-diseased eyeswho exhibit refractive astigmatism up to 0.30 diopters thatdoes not interfere with visual acuity. The lens is available clear or colored and may be used toenhance or alter the apparent color of the eye.

How to use


(1)Comply with the direction from eye-care practitioner and instruction strictly.

(2)Wash your hands before inserting and removing lens.

After using the lens how to keep and manage it

(1)Clean contact lens

01Place the lens on your palm and put 2~3 drops of contact lens rinsing solution on the lens, Scrubbing the lens slowly with the tips of your fingers of the other.

02After finishing clean the lens, wash it in saline solution sufficiently. And then it should keep separate as right lens and left lens not mixed up in case with saline solution or contact lens solutions.


01Thermal disinfection is that fill up the lens case with saline solution and put lens each in the case and then Heat it in the top of a double boiler at 85~100℃ for 10~20min.

02Chemical sterilization is that fill up the lens case with disinfect solution instead of saline solution and steep lens in the case during the prescribed time as manufacturer.

Directions for the use of daily lens


(1)We do not recommend using contact lens if you have the following diseases.

01Acute and subacute inflammation or infection of anterior chamber of eye.

02Any ocular diseases which impact on conjunctiva or cornea.

03Continuous dryness in eye.

04Ability of cornea is decreased.

05Any systemic disease that may affect the eye or be exaggerated by wearing contact lenses.

06Any bacterially caused, viral caused, and fungous caused of inflammation of the cornea.

07Any inflamed or irritated eyes.

(2)Should be well-informed the instruction before inserting lens and comply with the direction from the instruction. Because it could occur ocular diseases which are cauded by Lens or management supplies of lens which can seriously damage eye.

(3)When you feel irritation, too much tear secretion, obscured vision or red eye when wearing lens, stop using lens and follow the advice of eye-care practitioner, because it could occur ocular diseases and rapidly be aggravated which could make lose sight.

(4)Wearing lens in daily life and do not use lens during sleeping.

(5)There is a report shows that smoker's adverse reaction rate is higher than non-smoker, so extra care is needed for smoking users.


(1)Use proper product for disinfection, rinsing or lubricant.

(2)When lens is kept, the lens is completely immersed in the contact lens solutions.

(3)If lens is not moving and fixed on eye, immediately getting an advice form eye-care practitioner.

(4)Wash your hands before treat lens. Care is needed because if lens be polluted by dust or cosmetic product, lotions, soap, cream, and deodorizer touch lens can be irritated eye.

(5)Avoid of using aerosol products, and if needed to use a spray, close your eye while using it.

(6)when you are wearing lens, please avoiding harmed and irritated steam or smoke

(7)Get an advice from eye-care practitioner, if you want to have underwater activities or play sports.

(8)When taking out lens from container, using provided kits. Do not use tweezers.

(9)Be careful not to scratch lens with nails and keep short fingernails not to scratch your eyes and lens.

(10)Before using ophthalmic medicine get advice from eye-care practitioner.

(11)Get advice from eye-care practitioner, while wearing contact lens.

(12)Let an employer know about you are wearing lens, due to needed eye protect devices or noticed that you cannot wear lens in a working place.

(13)Remember regular check-ups and always follow the advice of your eye-care practitioner.

(14)When you feel pain and irritation during wearing lens, remove the lens and get advice form eye-care practitioner.

(15)Get advice from eye-care practitioner, if you want to use eye drops while wearing lens.

(16)During a strenuous exercise, pay attention to not to be fell out lens.

(17)Do not use lens that has been used by others.

3Adverse Reaction

(1)When following any symptoms occurred, check the below action, and remove the lens immediately.

01When you feel irritation, itchiness, hyperemia or pain in eye

02Too much tear secretion or Abnormal secretion

03Obscured vision or blurred light

04Dryness in eye

(2)After you take out lens, if the same problem comes up as abover, please follow the advice of eye-care practitioner.

※ It is not good for eyes to share lens with others and wear it for a long time.




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